Construction Equipment Sales Alberta

AW Commences Equipment Sales in Western Canada

At AW Sales & Rentals Construction Equipment Sales is what we do best! Our mission is to take care of your lighting, generator,  heating & security needs. We have over 30 years of experience in the equipment industry and understand that excellent customer service and efficiency, as well as reliable, low maintenance equipment is important to our customer’s success.

We are an authorized distributor for Canadian manufacturer Axiom Equipment Group and have distribution rights to their entire product lineup of cutting edge lighting, green energy power generation and heating equipment.

LED Light Towers

We provide innovative LED Light Tower solutions in both electric and solar hybrid formats designed with North American operating standards to suit tough climates and terrain. Our towable light towers are compact, convenient and ready to illuminate your job site. Aside from the sturdy design, our light towers include many environmentally-friendly, green energy, cost-friendly and maintenance-free features such as remote diagnostics and solar powered lighting.

Solar Hybrid Light Tower

The hybrid LED light tower incorporates clean energy solar power to efficiently light up your night and low-light operations. Together with solar panels the hybrid also includes a low consumption diesel engine that provides fuel savings and reduced bon emissions. Solar Hybrid Light Towers are a low maintenance, environmentally friendly option with cost cutting remote control technology features. Solar hybrid light towers are also ideal for use in residential areas because of their low sound emissions and reduced engine run time.

Electric LED Light Tower

The compact LED light tower is light and maneuverable making it easy to get to your site or move around your jobsite. These towers have been constructed with the end user in mind, built with easy “on and off” switches for the lamps and efficiently powered by a generator or your network supply. Up to five electric light towers can be daisy chained together from a single power source.

LED Light Towers + SECURITY Rentals

Increase safety, productivity and  profitability through exception-based  alerting, remote visual inspections and monitoring of facilities, equipment and other critical infrastructure. 

With security cameras included with the light tower as well as 24/7 intelligent monitoring, the risk of unknown incidents is mitigated. Incident investigations are aided by monitoring data, video and reports delivered on demand. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our light tower rentals, please contact us today at 1-877-596-0813.