EV Charging Solutions

Electric Vehicle charging for transition to the new economy!

  • Charging solutions for both residential and commercial EV charging.
  • Let us show you how to take advantage of government rebate programs. 

Level 2 EV Residential Charging

Charging your Electric Vehicle is easy, and convenient with our Level 2 smart EV Chargers. Connect to your home Wi-Fi network to monitor and control the charger remotely via the app on your smartphone.

Level 2 EV Commercial Charging

Our flagship Level 2 smart EV Charging station designed for workplaces and businesses. With built-in 4G & Wifi, it’s always connected so you can track and manage your charging stations, monitor and control remotely via the app on your smartphone. 

Level 3 DC Superfast Charging Stations

 DC Fast Charging Stations are designed for quick, reliable, intelligent, convenient charging of all electric vehicle models. Our modular 120-200 kW high-power chargers are ideally suited for commercial lots, highway corridor and EV fleet operations.