• Eco-Link Privacy Fencing

Eco-Link Privacy Fencing

AW Sales & Rentals is pleased to add a new product to our growing roster of eco-friendly products. Our Eco-Link Privacy Fencing is designed with the environment, security, and aesthetics in mind so you can do your bit for nature while still maintaining your privacy at home in style.

Eco-Link Privacy FencesWhy choose Eco-Link Privacy Fences?

Our Eco-Link Fences give you the security and privacy you need for your property. You can even upgrade your existing chain-link fence using Eco-Link Fencing to beautify your property and increase privacy at the same time.

Easy Installation: 

The Eco-Link Fencing System is easy to install – whether you are putting up a new fence or upgrading your existing one. The single wall, cap-style shape allows slats to rest easily on matching bottom channel (with optional top channel lock). The bottom channel inserts are easily placed along the lowest weave of the fence making it hassle-free to insert the vertical slats. Top channels can be used to lock the fence into place, or you can install another horizontal slat to reinforce the fence further.


The Eco-Link Privacy Fence adds 80 percent more privacy than a standalone chain-link fence.

Eco-Link Privacy Fences


Eco-Link Fences are made from 100 percent recycled material. What’s more is that, unlike many composite fences, ours are 100 percent recyclable too.


We use a recycled blend of Rigid and Flexible PVC to make our slats. UV inhibitors are added to reduce the impact of solar exposure while maintaining colour integrity and extending the life of the slat.

High Quality:

Our fences are manufactured in Canada to ensure the highest quality and reduce the environmental impacts of transport.

Low Maintenance:

Eco-Link Slats are very low maintenance. They are easily cleaned with a pressure washer or simple garden hose saving you time, money, and eliminating the need for chemicals.

Variable Heights:

We understand that different customers need varying degrees of security and privacy. Which is why the Eco-Link Fences come in varying heights of 4, 5, 6, and 8 feet. Slats are 3.5” shorter than overall fence height. We also offer customized heights if you have special requirements.

Multiple Color Options:

Our Eco-Link Fences come in three popular colors – white, black, and grey. We offer custom colors on request so you can color your fence to suit your style!


Each bag contains 3 top channels, 3 bottom channels, and 82 slats which cover approximately 10 linear feet making Eco-Link Fencing an affordable solution for your fencing needs. You also get a 10-year limited 10-year warranty on breakage under normal conditions.

If you are thinking of installing a new fence or upgrading an existing one, we at AW Sales & Rentals are happy to help. Get in touch with us for more information on Eco-Link Privacy Fences and to get a free quote today!